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www.MyKFCExperience.com – KFC has an official survey on www.mykfcexprince.com which is introduced by the company to get honest views from their customers.

KFC or Kentucky fried chicken is one of the oldest casual restaurants which is having more than 20,000 outlets all around the globe.



The main dish which KFC specializes in is their delicious fried chicken and also ranks second in the terms of sales. Accordingly, to the experts, it has operated in more than 123 countries in 2015 in the world.

The survey was started to know what their customer feels about their quality of food, services and their experience in visit the store.

Mykfcexprince is the survey is a bridge between the company and the customers can give their honest feedback and tell the company about their visiting experience to their store, in this way the survey can be helpful to the company and help the company to understand the needs and requirements of the customer in a better way.


KFC has been working for almost 9 decades now since 1930. The founding father of the company KFC is colonel sanders and his image is used in the company’s logo and advertising.

Firstly, the company’s name was sanders court and café and then eventually it has changed to KFC. It is one of the first American restaurants that have expanded its services internationally.

KFC has also become the first western franchise to open a franchise in China. As the name suggests Kentucky fried chicken specializes in fried chickens and also serves other dishes like chicken fillet, sandwiches, wraps, side dishes, salad, and a lot more for people to enjoy. It has it headquarter at Louisville, Kentucky


KFC is very famous for its fried chicken. So, the user who is participating in the feedback and after completing the feedback successfully the user is rewarded a free chicken coupon which the user can redeem on the next visit to the store.


There are certain rules and regulation that is needed to be followed

The user must be residing in the US

Only 18 years and above adults to patriciate in the survey

The survey is only offered in 2 languages that are English or Spanish

The company does not allow its employees, to patriciate in the survey

One survey code has one entry only

The prize cannot be transferred to any other form

The user needs to have a purchase from the store to fill in the online survey

After the user has received the KFC coupon the user must redeem it within 7 days of period

The user is also required to have a stable internet connection

The user must be able to spend at least 15 minutes of their time

The user must have an electronic device such as mobile, pc, laptop, or even a tablet


The officials at the restaurants, they collect all the valuable feedback from their customers and if they find the need for improvement, they will surely work on it. KFC guest survey also brings the customer an opportunity to win free chicken/ go cups.

Here are the ways listed in which the user can participate in the survey

  1.  Open the browser on the pc or any other electronic device and then login into the official site www.mykfcexprince.com
  2. Then next, the users need to select the language either English or Spanish
  3. Next, a new page of the terms and the survey would open, read them once, and then enter the 17-digit survey code
  4. Next then the user needs to click on the “start” tab. Press on it to move further
  5. Next, here you would notice that various questions have appeared on your screen
  6. Next, you need to answer them all and for some question, you would need to rate them out of 5 stars
  7. Next, try and answer them honestly
  8. Next, once you are done with providing, all your answers enter your personal information like name, phone number, address, etc.
  9. Next then click on the submit button
  10. Next you would receive a validation code on the screen. Note it on the receipt.
  11. Next the user needs to bring that to the outlet near you and redeem the coupon


The user needs to take the receipt handy

Visit the website www.mykfcexprince.com survey

Next fill in the details required like the store number, date of visit, time of visit, and ticket number

Next click on the start button

Next answer all the questions and then get the validation code

Finally, the user can visit the restaurant with the receipt and redeem the prize


KFC has one best fast-food restaurants and it serves its customer the best-fried chicken with fries. The customers’ feedback would help the restaurant to make their food item and services better in each and every way possible.

The restaurant would further, improve in the other factors like availability of food items and the attitude of the staff member and the prices offered by the store.

Moreover, the officials at the KFC restaurants have kept the online portal for their customer to share their experience feedback whether positive or negative.

The user also gets the chance to win a free chicken cup after successfully completing the survey. You can even share it with your friends and family to take part in the survey ad then get free chicken and drinks on your favorite occasion and have an enjoyable time with your loved ones.

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