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www.tellthebell.com – Taco bell has provided the people with the tell the bell survey through which customers can inform them about the service and quality of food served to them at the store. It also offers rewards to it customer.

Whenever the customer is submitting comments in the form of taco bell, they are inclined towards getting an award. Random people are chosen for the reward that is USD500.



The main motive of the company is to give services to its customers. A well-known restaurant that sells fast foods and a person can earn USD 500 in cash simply by sharing your feedback on the site tell the bell.


Glenn bell is the sole fonder of taco bell. At the age of 23, young Glenn bell had started with a hot dog stand in 1946 and had named it bell drive. After managing the restaurants, he had established the very first taco bell in 1962 in California.

Taco Bell was given the in 1970 with a total of 325 restaurants. By today this company has been brought by PepsiCo who still manages it today.

There are 7000 taco bell locations in the different countries of the world. The restaurant is famous for its tex-mez dishes which are generally Texan and Mexican fusion. This restaurant is mainly famous for its tacos. Taco Bell is proud enough to serve more the 2 million customers every year. z


Here are some rules that need to be followed which are

Firstly, you would need to visit the official website at www.tellthebell.com

Next, you need to enter the survey

Then next you need to click on the start button

Next, you need to answer the question related to tell the bell survey

At the end of the survey, you would be receiving a coupon code that you can use at the taco store whenever you visit next


There are certain rules and regulation that is needed to be followed

The user must be a citizen of the US and also must have the nationality of one of the 50 states

The survey only allows 18 years and above adults to patriciate

The survey is only offered in 2 languages that are English or Spanish

The company does not allow it employees to patriciate in the survey

One survey code has one entry only

The most important thing that is required is the receipt from the store. If the customer doesn’t have the receipt, he is not allowed to patriciate in the survey


The user needs to save the receipt of the taco store that you visited recently

The receipt must have the digit code of 16 numbers

The survey should be completed within 2 days of the users’ visit to the store

The is the requirement of a stable internet connection to use the website and complete the survey

If in case the user is not having the search code make sure to save the number date and time of your visit to the store


The person in the united states of America is only allowed to patriciate in the survey. The companies allow you to give feedback and review the company as well. After the user has completed the survey, the user is rewarded.


The main factors of the taco bell survey that mainly focuses on are listed below

Food taste, quality, and servings

Staff behavior

Hygiene of the restaurants and their premises

Restaurant’s locations

Order accuracy

Overall satisfaction with the recent visit


Here are some of the questions of the survey listed below

Is the food up to your expectations?

Rating to the food quality?

Do you like the food served to you?

Your valuable opinion of the staff service?

How friendly were your employees?

Is the restaurant clean and hygienic?


THROUGH THE ONLINE SURVEY – if the users want to participate through the online survey, then the methods are quite simple. The user needs to have a purchase done recently from the store and next the user needs to participate in the survey and enter the 16-digit survey code that is printed on the purchase receipt.

Next, begin the survey and answer all the questions honestly and after completing the survey you need to enter your personal information which is needed to contact the winner

THROUGH MAIL – this is also quite an easy method. This method doesn’t require you to have purchased from the store. For this method, you just need a small paper on which you need to write your overall satisfaction and the about your recent visit to the store of theirs.

Write the useful information like name, age, residence address, valid email address, and contact number and mail it to their mailing address. If you are lucky and you win then you would be contacted through the call.


Taco bell sets a great example before us that “Rome was not built in a day”. It is the only restaurant to serve more than 7000 stores in different parts of the world. Even the reward that is offered at the survey is also good.

It helps its users to enchase the experience at their restaurants. They’re open to feedback and also appreciate then where it is a negative or a positive review or comment. Make sure to give them feedback and wing good reward from them. Also, make sure to follow them on their social media accounts to stay updated.

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