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www.talktosonic.com – Every restaurant that serves its customers what to know from their customer about the service that they provide that if that is satisfying to the customer or not, so, in that case, a survey is introduced by the company to ensure that the customer service is up to the mark.



The user just needs to take part in the survey and his/her honest review which is asked in the survey. The user’s honest feedback is not only appreciated but also taken into consideration and worked upon to improve their service and quality.

You just need to participate in the sonic-drive customer satisfaction survey at www.talksonic.com and after you are successful in completing the simple question asked by them, you would also receive a coupon code for a free thing from the restaurant.


This restaurant is famous for its fast food. Having over fast-food chain in united states the menu of it has some delicious food that this served to the people the menu includes burgers fries, onion rings, sandwich, peppers and bins for breakfast.

It has also included its menu with drinks such as soft drinks mashed potatoes and smoothies. the restaurant was founded by try smith in 1953. It has its headquarter in Oklahoma City, U.S.A in the year 2016 the sales of the company were around $100 million with a profit of $18 million.


For any survey, there are some rules and regulations that are need to be followed and here the list of them below

The survey must be done within 14 days of purchase

The user must redeem the coupon within 60 days, the coupons become of no value after 60 days.

The company’s employees are not allowed to participate in the survey

The user can enter only once with a single receipt.


For filling out the survey, the user must keep some points in mind here are the points listed

The user is bound to have purchased from the sonic store

The user must have an electronic device like a laptop, or pc, or smartphones

The user must have a stable internet connection

The survey which the user is going to fill only contains 2 languages that are English and Spanish language.

The user must be a citizen of the united states of America

The user must be 18 years and old and above

The user must have a valid receipt of the survey invitation code


If a user wants to win sonic route 44 or fountain drink, he/she must follow some easy steps mentioned and make sure to also read the terms and condition


Firstly, the users are required to make a purchase from the store and then save the receipt because that would have the survey code which you would be needing to start the survey. Also, keep in mind the survey code should be used within 14 days of the purchase from the store. Only one receipt per person is allowed. If you are entering the survey and then if you are lucky enough to win a coupon code for a free drink make sure to use it within 60 days of getting the coupon.


First things first, you would need a stable connection and then login into their official site that wwww.talktosonic.com.

Next, in select the language that you want to proceed with. Only Spanish and English is available here, so the users get the opinion of choosing from between the two languages

Next, in enter the id number which is mentioned on your receipt

Then click on the start button

Then you would be asked simple questions like the cleanliness in the store, environment, service quality of the store, and staff behavior. The user is supposed to rate accordingly to his/her experience

The user is expected to answer all the questions honestly so that the Sonic’s can improve more

After you have complete answering the question you would need to provide them with your contact information, full name, address, email at the survey

Finally, after completing the survey, you would receive a coupon code that you need to save and use it for a free drink or ice tea next time whenever you visit the store.


Here are some lists of question asked at feedback survey

Firstly, rate the satisfaction level of yours at the store

Then, you need to tell them about the item that you purchased from their store

How was the quality of the food and drink that was offered to you?

How was the service and facilities provided by the store?

Then next you would be asked about the behavior of the staff

Next you would be asked if there were any problem faced by you during your last visit

The next question was the service at the store slow?


If the user is facing a problem in loading the official page, it is advisable to load the page again and again because sonic has third party service from service management group SMG and the site must not load due to the high traffic.


The secret of the survey is that you can get as many free drinks as you want. You just need to purchase and then enter the survey to get 1 extra promotional offer for free. The number of receipts you have the number of entries you can make.


It has started the survey online so that their user finds it easy and comfortable to tell them about the services provided by the store and help them to their service and food quality so that next time when you visit at their store you have a wonderful experience. Make sure to leave feedback whenever you visit them next.

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